My Makeup Bag ~ all time favorite products

I’m often asked what foundation I use, what mascara I use, what products I recommend etc so I thought I would rifle through my makeup bag and share my all time favourite products I couldn’t bare to be without. Saying that, I do mix things up depending on the season, occasion, mood, wardrobe or even my sheer laziness!

But right now, here’s what I wear on a daily basis….

 Get the base right and the rest will follow.

 To create that perfect base you first need to find your perfect moisturiser. I cannot tell you how important it is to moisturise. Even if you have oily skin find a moisturiser specifically designed for your skin type. For my clients with oily skin I use Dermalogica’s Active Moist, its oil-free and lightweight formula hydrates skin without adding more oil.


Dermalogica’s Active Moist 

I have dry skin, especially so in winter months, so I use Caudalie’s Day Perfecting Cream. My skin is left feeling soft, dewy, hydrated and protected as it SPF15 goes a little way to protecting me from the sun’s harmful rays. I love Cuadalie’s products in general as they are Paraben free and most importantly to me against animal testing.



Vinoperfect SPF15 Day perfecting Cream

I also use Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum first thing in the morning – ah bliss!


Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

Strong foundations!

 I’m currently in love with Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector. It’s not a foundation but a BB cream. It gives light coverage but it really is a skin perfecting miracle, your skin will feel hydrated and the dewy finish is gorgeous. I think it’s great for combination to dry skins types, if you have oily skin try L’Oreal BB cream instead.

BB creams are everywhere right now and for a very good reason. I’d describe them as a mix between a moisturiser and foundation so if you are after more coverage they will not be for you.


Garnier, BB Cream

My mascara of the moment is Benefits, They’re Real! Fabulous stuff – try it – buy it – love it!

Benefit, They’re Real! Mascara

I cannot be without a bronzing powder, it’s a little bit of sunshine in a box! And I’m hanging on to the last bit of my summer tan and enhancing it with MAC’s Golden Bronzing Powder. Where would we be without makeup – I ask you… where!


 MAC’s Bronzing Powder in Golden  

Chanel do the most gorgeous blush and Pink Explosion rocks! It’s got a teeny tiny bit of shimmer and it really is a pink explosion. I wear this only on the apples of my cheeks and depending on my mood and where I’m off to sometimes its just a subtle hue other times is a pink POW of an explosion!


Chanel Pink Explosion 

Old and trusty Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden is a dream. I use it everywhere! On my sore and chapped lips, my cheekbones and brow bones to give a highlight, I use it on dry hands and as a lip-gloss on a night out. Versatile!


Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden 

Black Track we salute you! MAC’s Black Track is wonder-stuff. You need a steady hand, a good eyeliner or lip brush and if you are like me, cotton buds to perfect the line. I wear this only on my upper lashes and without a flick at the edge (as much as I’d love to wear a flick it just doesn’t suit the shape of my eyes). Starting at my lashes nearest to my nose in a fairly thin line and getting thicker as I work out towards the outer corner of my eye. You have to get right into the lashes with eyeliner, no white gaps between your lashes and the liner please! A good shoogle of your mascara can help with this. Get your wand as close to your lash line as possible and make tiny movements from side to side and this will hopefully fill in the gaps your eyeliner missed.



MAC’s Black Track 

 All this takes 5-10 minutes in the morning and I’m out the door feeling fresh faced and ready to go!