Skin Care: Prep for your Big Day

flowers1 We all wish for naturally smooth, soft and hydrated skin, wrinkle and blemish free would also be nice! But the reality is most of use have to work hard for it, facials, thousands of pounds worth of products, Botox… We all go to crazy lengths for our looks and spend a staggering amount on it too.

 I’m all for natural and non-invasive ways to improve, invigorate and achieve beautiful glowing skin. But everyone is different, so what works for one might not work for the other. But from my experience there are a couple of things we can all do to make a start to gorgeous radiant skin.

Hydration, why it is important

Hydration is essential not only for beautiful skin but it is the necessity of life! Hydration is key to the  functioning of our cells and organs, it help to excrete toxins, helps to maintain PH balances, prevents constipation and urinary infections, and is vital in helping our skin perform its protective function. It can also aid in the treatment of acne as hair follicles are less like to get blocked. When skin is properly hydrated it feels firmer, fine lines are less visible and it can appear more radiant.

Ways to hydrate your skin


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Water! In the past the NHS has advised us to drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, but more and more studies are suggesting that there is no scientific evidence to support the health benefits. I’m certainly not advocating that you should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, what I tell my clients is swap your fizzy drinks or tea and coffees for water, or add a glass or two to your day and limit your caffeinated drinks. Caffeine is a diuretic and inhibits water absorption into the body. But most importantly pay attention to your body; if your skin looks dull and dry, fine lines have appeared and become more noticeable re-hydrate your skin with a glass of water. You shouldn’t let yourself become thirsty, thirst is one of the last signs that you are de-hydrated.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

I have said this in a previous post but I will say is again, MOISTURISE! Even if you have oily skin, in fact, especially if you have oily skin! Find a moisturiser designed for your skin type. Remember just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean it is hydrated, using a suitable moisturiser can help combat oily breakouts. Your glands produce more oil to protect and coat dry skin, so if you have oily and de-hydrated skin your glands will be working over time. Try a moisturiser with gentle antiseptic like tea-tree or peppermint. But also don’t over stimulate your oily skin by using too much product, repeatedly washing / exfoliating or having invasive treatments often.

For really dry skin try using a, natural, non-allergenic moisturiser, making sure its petroleum and alcohol free. I personally have dry skin and one of my favourite brands is Aveno I currently I use Oil of Olay on my face, it works wonders for me!

You are what you eat


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I firmly believe your diet plays and important part in looking after your skin, but I’m pretty sceptical of ‘super foods’ and unfortunately I think big brands have clambered all over this bandwagon with big claims that their bar of chocolate, packet of super healthy crisps, deep-fried mars bars have super-duper heath benefits. I don’t believe what written on the box. I think a sensible approach to what you put in your body is the way to go. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, veggies, pulses, nuts, seeds, whole foods, good oils and essential fats, whilst cutting out refined sugars and processed foods can only be a good thing for your skin, body and insides!


Your lifestyle will also impact how healthy your skin appears. We all know the tell-tale signs of a boozy, late night out, dark circles, fine lines and breakouts. Sleep deprivation, dehydration from alcohol, consumption of refined sugars and empty calories in wine, beer and beloved cocktails all add up to the hangover look. Switch your 650 calorie bottle of wine for 1 spritzer or a vodka tonic. If you are on a big night out drink sparkling water in between each alcoholic drink, you will feel and look so much better for it in the morning!

I also believe adding a bit of exercise to your skin care routine and making sure you get a bit sweaty is another good step to healthier skin. Sarah Grace McCandless makes a very good point in her article ‘Is Sweating Good For Your Skin?’, by suggesting perspiration clears and unclogs pores as it makes its way through the layers of your skin to the surface. But sweat left on the skin can cause conditions like prickly heat so my advice is to ensure that as soon as your workout is over, follow with a good all over body skin care routine in the bath or shower. Also avoid clothes which can trap sweat for example headbands and tight clothes, opt for breathable material like cotton which will help draw sweat away from your skin.

In additional to all of this, exercise gets your blood flowing and provides oxygen to your cells. Skin cells rely on oxygen for survival, reproduction and regeneration of new healthy cells.

The Big Day


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Preparing your skin for your big day will take time and commitment and certainly won’t happen over night. And in the run up to your wedding you want to have fun and enjoy yourself so I’m certainly not saying cut out all forms of enjoyment: chocolate, a glass of wine with your mates, your morning latte and replacing it with countless hours in the gym, 9pm bedtime and a new raw food diet. What I am saying is give it 6 weeks of enjoying a healthy, well-balanced diet, moderate sweaty exercise, cutting back on alcohol and developing a personalised skin care routine and I bet your skin will appear healthier, and your body will be thanking you for it!