Top tips for D.I.Y Makeup

IMG_080I am definitely one for being pampered, especially when it comes to big events, I love having my nails and hair done but if you are planning on going it alone on the makeup front on your wedding day (or in fact on any other occasion) here are my D.I.Y top tips for gorgeous camera ready, stress free, stay put makeup!

1. Plan and Practice. Know exactly what, where and how you are going to apply your makeup. Have a practice session, try out different colours and tones, shapes and textures prior to the morning of your wedding. This will ensure the run up to the event is smooth and hassle free as you will know how long to give your self to get ready.

2. Take a photograph of your final look. Makeup behave’s very differently on camera. Remember the Nicole Kidman makeup malfunction? According to The Stir MAC’s transparent finishing powder played a part in the incident so choose your products and apply them carefully.

3. For makeup with staying power apply a primer. Giorgio Armani’s Light Master Primer is fabulous, I use it on all my clients as it creates a good base to apply the rest of your makeup. Your makeup will sit beautifully on it for  hours.

4. As you are going to be photographed continually, choose a foundation which has a matt finish. This will ensure you don’t need to keep re-applying powder throughout the day to achieve the photo-ready look we are all after on our wedding day. I use, and I have said this before, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, but there are millions of other excellent brands out there.

5. If you use Kohl liner make sure to set it with eye-shadow, this includes your waterline (the soft pink rim around the inside of your lashes). Kohl will smudge and disappear if its not set properly, so go over it with powder, an eye-shadow is perfect for the job. The Olsen Twins are pro’s at working this look….


{Image Courtesy: Fanpop}

6. Give your eye’s definition by using eye-shadows to highlight and contour. We all look better in real-life 3d so adding a little makeup to define your eye’s will go along way in creating depth in photographic 2d.

8. Invest in a good mascara. Love, Love, Love… Chanel Le Volume De Chanel

7. Powder. Powder is very important. Firstly it sets your base making it smudge free and last much longer. Secondly, when you’re on camera any natural grease or oil on your skin will look exaggerated, so powder does it’s job by soaking it all up!

8. Take good care of your eyebrows. Your eyebrow’s play a very important part in framing your face so ensure they are well groomed and any gaps are filled in with a pencil or powder, make sure your product has staying power so invest wisely.

9. Summer time bronze. Bronzing powders are amazing if you have a gorgeous tan and don’t need foundation, dust over areas that the sun would naturally hit. 5 seconds and you are done.

10. And finally, don’t forget your lippy. Carry a lipstick with you, or ask your bridesmaid to be in charge of ensuring your lipstick is topped up throughout the day for instant glamour.

Have an amazing day!



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