Christmas Sparkle

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I don’t know about you but I love this time of year. It’s a great excuse to get glammed up with a bit of extra sparkle for all the Christmas parties and festive nights out. And if you are lucky enough to be having a winter wedding here are some ideas to bring a warm winters glow to your cheeks and some wonderful products to put on your wish list from Santa!

Winters Golden Haze

Starting with the tips of your fingers, Tom Ford’s spring 2012 collection of Silver Smoke, Gold Haze, Burnished Rouge and Burnt Topaz nail varnishes are a must for your christmas party. Or for extra pampering Boho Belle has teamed up with expert nail technical, Jana Ramos. Check out our new OPI Manicure and Pedicure services at


{Image Courtesy: Tom Ford}

Mince pies, log fires, snowball fights, golden sun-kissed tans, hmm not exactly! Pastey white skin if you are anything like me. But fear not, thanks to all the wonderful suntans in a bottle we can look as sun-kissed as a brazilian babe on holiday in, well, Brazil of course!


{Image Courtsey: Trilogy}

Trilogy is a fabulous self tanning gel, it leaves you with a gorgeous caramel tan, and the best bit, it’s 100% natural. It’s buildable so you can go from a subtle golden hue to a rich bronze tan. It’s so quick and easy to apply, use it after a shower in place of your body moisturiser.

Elizabeth Arden’s beautiful Duo Precious Metals eyeshadow are paired perfectly to add a bit of shimmering glam to your night out.arden_beautiful_colour_duo_precious_metal_350

{Image Courtesy: Elizabeth Arden}

Team it with Chanel’s LE CRAYON YEUX Precision Eye Definer in Silver to rock the look!


 {Image Courtesy: Cosmetic House}

Here’s my suggestion for a smoldering golden creation

1. Apply a primer if you require it

2. Line your eyes with a kohl pencil, top, bottom and waterline and smudge

3. Using the lighter of the two metallic’s, dust over lid, from the inner corner outwards and up to the crease

4. Load your brush with the darker metallic, position the brush in the crease of your eye and blend outwards and towards the corner of your eye nearest your nose, don’t go too far, you want to concentrate the dark shadow on the outer edges of your eye. Blend upwards and outwards

5. Blend, Blend, blend with a nice soft blending brush

6. Using the darker pigment, dust along the lower lashes

Holly’s Berry Lips

Berry lips are everywhere is season and I think make a perfect partner to your winter wedding or festive fun night out. Burberry’s berries are so elegant and chic, but there are so many products to choose from. High street brands are just as good, BarryM’s Mulberry is just as vivid, but at a fraction of the price.


{Image Courtsey:  Burberry & Pinterest}

Step by step guide to your perfect pout.

1. Apply a base. Dab libs with foundation or concealer, if you want lightly dust with loose powder.

2. Use a lip liner for staying power. It doesn’t have to be the same shade, if you are feeling very bold use a black liner to create real drama.

3. Using a lip brush apply colour and make sure you blot, re-apply and blot again. Remember you want to push the pigment into you lips, no use it just sitting on top, it will be off even before your kiss under the mistletoe!

 Smokin’ Eyes

Another favorite, Smokey Eyes, you can’t go wrong! Sticking with the berry theme, smokey doesn’t have to be smokey! Instead of instinctively going straight to your blacks, greys and browns use Plums, purples mixed with rich reds to underpin the tone of your smokey look.  Bobbi Brown’s Black Plum and MAC’s Highly Charged are two different ways to go with this season’s hottest trend.


{Image Courtesy: Beauty Geek}


For a guaranteed way to glam up for the festive season, book in for your Christmas hair cut.

I know it’s been around for a while and you can’t walk down Oxford Street without bumping to a million girls with root Stretch or Ombre hair, but I love it. Not since my discovery of highlights have I been so excited about hair colour. I first saw it 2 years ago and hated it. I thought why would anyone want to pay to get roots put in when they are the very thing I have been trying to get rid of for all of my hair-dying days. And now! Well, there  is no going back for me. Long gone are the days of  Sun-In, lemon juice in the hair and now my beloved highlights. Remember Sun-In?! And did lemon juice ever work, I doubt it, but that didn’t stop me and my friends back in the 90’s!

And thankfully I’ve finally moved on again…


{Image Courtesy: Drew Barrymore & Ashley Simpson}

I read recently that most people have the same or very similar hair style their whole life, I can quite believe it. Maybe 2013 will be the year for drastic do’s!

Enjoy all the fun festivities, have a very merry Christmas and a happy hogmanay!